The Brand

The Masflex Kitchen Pro Culinary Knife Collection is a collaboration between the Brand Managers of Masflex and a renowned Filipino culinary icon, Chef Gene Gonzalez.

The final brand name is a merging of 2 brand names, Masflex, and Kitchen Pro, which is a brand owned by Chef Gene.

The tagline is "The Culinary Standard" which is also the vision to "define a new culinary standard".

This is also the start of a major plan to develop a full range of culinary grade products all designed, approved & endorsed by Chef Gene.

The secondary tagline is "Designed by a Filipino Chef for Filipino Chefs & Kitchen Enthusiasts" as this is also our mission for the brand.


The inspiration for the development of this range of culinary knives comes from the fact that the first tool picked up by any Chef, Cook, Home Maker, Foodie, Mom, or Culinary Student / Enthusiast in the Kitchen is a Knife. It's the first culinary cutting tool that one would have to reach out for to begin the cooking process.

Given the amount of time a knife spends in the hands of a cook or a chef its vital that they invest in good quality knives.

Keeping all this in mind and with Chef Gene's relentless search for a quality knife that would be suited for the Philippine market, he decided to design & develop his own collection merging all the best features that he has come to love over his years of knife use.

Research & Development

With the help of Masflex for the technical product aspect, and based on Chef Gene's years of experience of the correct use of all types of knives in the kitchen, the team set out on an intense Research & Development regimen.

The process took over 2 years due to Chef Gene's meticulous study of the knife blade, steel composition, bolster weight, tip & point angles, and even handle types which are all important & crucial in the ergonomics of the use of a knife.

After finalizing the specifications, Chef Gene embarked into an intensive use test of each type of knife and subjected them to rigorous functional use in his restaurants.

Chef Gene had a panel of Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, & Line Chefs to aid him in the process of critiquing the use of the knives to ensure that he would be able to collate all the best features and make the necessary specification revisions to ensure that the Kitchen Pro Knife Collection would truly be suitable for the Filipino Chef & Kitchen Enthusiast.

Knife Skills

Given the crucial importance a Knife has in use in a Kitchen & in the Culinary Arts, Chef Gene also relentlessly teaches Knife Skills in his culinary school, Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS).

In fact Knife Skills is the first class all students take when they begin their journey in the school.

Proper use, care, storage, safety, sharpness techniques & cleaning skills are also imparted and are given as constant reminders by all the Culinary Instructors throughout the classes taken by the culinary students.

The Culinary Knife Collection

The final collection includes 9 types of essential knives which are as follows:

  1. 3.5 Inch Paring
  2. 6 Inch Boning
  3. 6 Inch Fillet
  4. 7 Inch Cleaver
  5. 7 Inch Santoku
  6. 8 Inch Serrated
  7. 8 Inch Slicing
  8. 8 Inch Chef
  9. 10 Inch Chef

Each of the knives have a different functional use in the kitchen and depending on the type of food you are cutting you should be able to reach for the right type of knife for the job.

The collection also includes a 10 inch Honing Steel, which is the longest honing steel available and which is the only size Chef Gene prefers using for his daily honing of knives.

Also part of the collection are 3 types of Kitchen Shears [Basic, Multi-Purpose & 5-in-1].

Handle Style

The Masflex Kitchen Pro Knife Series Collection comes in 2 handles styles to choose from. They are aptly called POWER & FLAIR.

The POWER handle style utilizes an ergonomic triple riveted handle shell. It also has a heavier handle which ensures that the weight of the knife aids in the cutting process and does most of the work for you. This is perfect for short periods of cutting with "powerful" results.

The FLAIR handle style utilizes an extremely ergonomic handle that contours to the shape of one's hands. It also utilizes a new handle technology with a horizontal tang without rivets that makes it look very trendy & modern. This range is perfect for those that prefer a slightly lighter knife which is good for longer periods of chopping.

Both handles styles have an enhanced bolster for greater balance, stability & control. They are also Full Length Tang Knives which means 1 piece of steel goes through the entire length of the knife from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.

They both also come with a synthetic handle material called POM developed by Dupont. The POM material features high stiffness and high heat deflection temperature to ensure the hygienic quality of food process. POM is also characterized by its high strength, hardness, and rigidity which makes it perfect for all the tough jobs in the kitchen. To top it all, both are also comfortable to use.

Chef Gene's Favorite Features

Before Chef Gene set out on this project he already had a list of features for the knives which he had to ensure were incorporated in the final knives. Below are these features which have been successfully ingrained in this Culinary Knife Collection:

  • Premium Design
  • Solid Durability
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Efficient mix of Carbon & Steel in the construction of the Blade
  • Knife's weight does the work so less force is needed to be applied
  • Enhanced Bolster for greater balance stability & control
  • Full Tang Stainless Steel - 1 piece of steel goes through the knife
  • Perfect for all the tough jobs in the kitchen

Accessories to the Collection

To make the culinary enthusiast's knife experience even greater Chef Gene has also added Knife Accessories to the collection. These include:

Knife Guards [4 sizes to choose from] - to protect the knife's edge and protect the blade from scratches, gives safety & protection for the ultimate edge.

  1. 10 Inch Knife Guard
  2. 8 Inch Knife Guard
  3. 6 Inch Knife Guard
  4. 4 Inch Knife Guard

Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holders [2 sizes to choose from] - to easily store knives;

  1. 50cm Magnetic Knife Holder
  2. 33cm Magnetic Knife Holder

Hand Washing System with a Stainless Steel Soap - to aid in eliminating hard to remove strong odors from one's hands, fingers & nails which is a normal occurrence when handling, cutting & chopping all types of food.

  1. Chef's White Fabric Refresherr
  2. KitchenPro Hand Cleaner
  3. KitchenPro Hand Soap
  4. KitchenPro Hand Sanitizer

Chef Gene's Tips in handling Knives

  • The most important tip is to chop slowly and carefully.
  • Always cut away from your body.
  • Make sure your hands are dry and the surface you're working on is nonslip.
  • Make sure that you curl your fingers under on the hand holding the food.

    This takes a while to get used to, but will become second nature with practice. If your fingers are curled under, the chances are good you will never cut yourself.
  • Watch what you're doing at all times.
  • Keep kids and pets out of the kitchen when you're working with knives!
  • Using your dominant hand, hold the knife firmly and, using a rocking motion, cut through the food.
  • The knife should not leave the surface you're working on.

Chef Gene's Cleaning & Washing Tips

  • It's not only important to have sharp knives, you should also keep them clean.
  • Don't wash your knives in the dishwasher. Even if a manufacturer touts its knives as being dishwasher safe, it's best to hand-wash your knives. The rough agitation of a dishwasher can damage the blade by knocking it against other utensils or dishes. What's more, the harsh detergents and high heat used in dishwashers can deteriorate your blade. And finally, it can be unsafe to keep sharp knives in the dishwasher; you could accidentally cut yourself reaching into the racks.
  • Personally I recommend that you wash knives by hand and dry them immediately. It's not hard to do. Just use a sponge or dishcloth and warm, soapy water to wash the blade and the handle. Rinse it afterwards with warm water and immediately dry the knife with a dry dishtowel.
  • Best to wash knives immediately after use.
  • For practical reasons, a knife is easiest to clean right after it's used, before juices or food particles have a chance to dry on the blade.
  • If you've used the knife to cut acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits, those juices could corrode the metal or cause spotting.
  • Letting knives sit in a sink or a basin of water is also a bad idea - you could cut yourself reaching into the water.

General Reminders on Use & Care of Knives

SAFETY: Remember, knives are very sharp and can cut easily. Handle knives with extreme care.

SHARPNESS: Use the KitchenPro 14 inch Honing Steal to hone the blade of the knife before each use to ensure maximum performance and safety.

STORAGE: Hang your knives on the KitchenPro Magnetic Wall Mount Knife Holder for prolonged periods of secured storage.

CARE: Place your knives into the KitchenPro Knife Guard after cleaning & use to ensure the safety & protection of the blade's edge.

CLEANING: Hand wash the knives in hot soapy water with care and towel dry immediately after use. Do not put in dishwasher. Do not let it dry while wet.

Seal of Approval

Each product in the collection has Chef Gene's seal of approval and his full signature is indicated on all the packaging of the entire collection and even on the knives themselves.

This has made him exclaim at the end of the R&D process that, "These knives surpass our culinary standards. They will be an asset to any kitchen and any professional".

Culinary Social Responsibility

Furthermore as part of Chef Gene's Culinary Social Responsibility effort, a portion of the sales of the Kitchen Pro knife collection will go towards Culinary Scholarships & Livelihood Programs which Chef Gene has been doing throughout the years as part of the work in his culinary school, Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS).

Chef Gene's Masflex Kitchen Pro Knife Collection is available in all leading department stores nationwide.