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7 Piece Garnishing Set in Folding Bag


This 7-pc Garnishing Set in Folding Bag is a great introductory garnishing kit for professionals and kitchen enthusiasts! Create fruit balls, vegetable pearls, ribbons, logs, coins, butter or chocolate curls, cucumber, carrot stripes and much more in this easy to carry kit.

  1. Combination Zester – This 2-in-1 tool pairs a citrus peeler with a citrus zester.
    The Peeler easily creates threadlike strips of citrus peel, skimming just the surface of the colored portion of the skin land leaving the bitter part behind. The Zester is excellent for cutting the zest from the pith underneath, which is used for flavoring desserts and beverages. It’s also great for garnishing desserts, cocktail drinks & salads.
  2. Double Baller and Mini Baller – Scoops ball shapes from melons, potatoes, and other produce. Scoop has a small hole to ensure easy release. Not just for Melon, impress your guests with perfectly round scoops of many fruits, butter or even cookie dough. Can also be used as a Chocolate Truffle Scooper.
  3. Peeler – Reduces wastage, creates a beautiful fruit or vegetable ribbons and long chips. A Beautiful way to serve fruits or veggies.
  4. Decorating Knife – Create fine edges, petal and leaf patterns; an Excellent tool for removing pineapple and potato eyes.
  5. Curler – Makes decorative and comical butter curls. Applicable for smooth spreads and agar; Creates even ridges on vegetables like carrots and cucumber.
  6. Corer – Cores apples, pears, and firm stone fruit. Makes carrot, turnip, papaya, mango, etc. logs, and coins.
  7. Folding bag with slots for easy storage of all the tools. It has 3 additional slots for other gadgets.

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