The Culinary Knife Collection

8″ Asian Cleaver


Designed for speed and precision cuts on vegetables, deboned raw and cooked meats. Modern handle design adapts it to speed and sanitation standards. Minces, dices, chops, juliennes, etc. with speed and accurate sizing.

Chef Gene Gonzalez’ Favorite Features:

  • Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Efficient Mix of Carbon & Steel in the Blade Construction
  • Knife’s Weight does the work so less force is applied
  • Enhanced Bolster for greater balance and control
  • Full Tang SS – 1 piece of steel goes through the knife
  • Ergonomic Handle is comfortable to the touch
  • Perfect for all the tough jobs in the kitchen

Master Packing: 48pcs/ctn

Inner Packing: 12 pcs/ctn

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