Kitchen Gadgets

Combination Zester


This 2-in-1 tool pairs a citrus peeler with a citrus zester. The Peeler easily creates threadlike strips of citrus peel, skimming just the surface of the colored portion of the skin land leaving the bitter part behind. The Zester is excellent for cutting the zest from the pith underneath, which is used for flavoring desserts and beverages. It’s also great for garnishing desserts, cocktail drinks & salads.

Chef Gene’s Favorite Features:

  • Is a great way to add intense flavor to baked goods or sauces.
  • Using this citrus peeler/citrus zester will make things a lot easier for your cooking & baking tasks
  • Double-duty stainless steel head allows you to peel, zest, and create garnishes.
  • Its soft handle nestles comfortably in your palm and is designed to prevent it from spinning in your hand.

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