Digital Kitchen Scales

Digital Kitchen Scale With Stainless Steel Measuring Bowl



  • Digital Kitchen Scale With Stainless Steel Measuring Bowl


  • Measuring is an essential and technical part of baking. Make sure that your measurements are right with these KitchenPro Digital Kitchen Scales.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 5 Kilograms/5,000 ml/175 ounces/ 11 pounds
  • Measurement Accuracy up to 1 gram
  • Measurement Units: Grams/ Fluid Ounce/ Pound:Ounce/ Milliliter
  • The high precision strain gauge sensors system ensures more accurate weighing results.
  • Precision Tare feature calculates the net weight of the ingredients
  • Manual or Automatic Power Off
  • Very Stable & Long Lasting Durability
  • Easy weighing of food
  • Easy to clean and handle


  • Please change the batter when “LO” appears on the screen which indicated that the battery is out of power
  • *EEEE* showed on the screen indicated overload.


  • Clean the scale only after it has been turned off.
  • Wipe the scale surface with a soft wet cloth.
  • Do not immense the scale in water or use chemical / abrasive cleaning agents.
  • All parts should be cleaned immediately after contact with fats, spices, vinegar and strongly flavored / colored foods avoid contact with acids like citrus juices.
  • Never dry plastic moldings over a heat source (e.g. heater, electric gas stove)
  • Food coloring can stain the unit but it usually disappears after some time.
  • Avoid excessive impact or vibration to the unit, such as dropping the product • Removed the batter when not in use for prolonged periods.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the tray when the scale is not in use.
  • Do not overload and the subject the scale to strong impacts.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight • Read and enclosed user’s manual for more information

1 year warranty 5 kg Capacity

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