Wooden Utensils

Half Silicone Spatula


A traditional design made for those who are used to the classic rubber spatulas but need the durability when handling hot mixes or sauces. The silicone head will not warp like their rubber ancestors and have the flexibility and scrape power of rubber. Rubber, as it ages, is absorbent therefore a breeding ground for bacteria, hence silicone is a much more suitable material to use.


  • Heat Resistant Silicone heads provide maximum scraping ability and flexibility; can handle higher cooking temperatures than rubber spatulas.
  • Square corner fits into tight spots.
  • Edges are tapered to a sharp point to scrape sides clean.
  • Wooden handle features cool, natural & ergonomically designed grips for movement & comfort during the work process.


  • High-grade beech wood is strong and durable; hard and lightweight.
  • Tough and goes through a steaming process.
  • Beechwood is resistant to rot especially when conditions are always wet and dry.
  • Fine beech grain makes it less absorbent to water for less bacterial action.


  • Safe for use with nonstick cookware.
  • Do not use above 500°F or 315°C
  • Hand-wash

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