Paella Pan

Ibiza 26 cm Induction Non-Stick Paella Pan


Ibiza Paella pan facilitates even and slow crust cooking Socarrat. This quality Non-Stick Paella pan is made of carbon steel which ensures even heating over the entire cooking surface. With its modern-class design. It is beautiful from cooktop to table presentation.

Chef Gene’s Favorite Features:

  • Made of carbon steel that responds quickly to changes in heat and makes the pan extremely durable.
  • Enameled based on a tough non-stick interior.
  • Riveted secure large metal handles facilitate carrying the pan for serving.
  • Suitable for gas hobs, paella gas burners, open fire and all heat sources including induction.

Use and Care:

  • Wash the cookware with soapy water using a sponge then rinse and dry after.
  • When using the cookware, add cooking oil to preserve the quality of the non-stick surface.
  • Never heat an empty cookware or allow it to boil dry.
  • Use only nylon, wooden or plastic kitchen utensils.
  • Always wash the cookware after each use. Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the non-stick surface.

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