Wooden Utensils

Multipurpose Turner (Solid)


Chef Gene’s Tips:

Use for lifting or removing food from a pan, or for turning food so the other side can cook. Silicone lined handle provide maximum grip and cool handling in hot temperature cooking; wooden heads provide natural and earth friendly use. Won’t scrape or damage your non-stick cookware.

Chef Gene’s Features:

  • Natural wood makes it earth friendly.
  • Compatible and prolongs life of coated cooking surfaces such as Teflon, porcelain, marble and other non-stick cookware.
  • Suitable for all types of cookware
  • Silicone grips gives cool handling and slip resistance

Use & Care:

  • Safe for use with nonstick cookware
  • Clean immediately after use before food has time to dry on it
  • Do wash the utensils in hot soapy water fairly quickly after use. Rinse the spoons well under warm water.
  • Dry them with a towel and hang them (from a utensil hook) to finish drying
  • Hand wash only

Size: L30cm/12”

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