Kitchen Gadgets

Potato Masher


Prevents gooey & sticky mashed potatoes. Purees cooked vegetables & potatoes. It also reduces Gluten Stimulation and maintains the Homemade texture. Great on Potatoes, Yams, & Squash.

Chef Gene’s Favorite Features:

  •  Elliptical-shaped handle prevents tools from spinning in hand and requires less movement while cooking which reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Slip-free grip provides comfortable control and quick orientation.
  • One-piece stainless steel construction eliminates food and dirt traps.
  • Professional-quality masher features thick & durable stainless steel wire head
  • Makes quick work of mashing potatoes, yams, carrots, and other root vegetables
  • Also great for mashing fruit for applesauce, banana bread, or homemade baby food

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