Paella Pan

Valencia 34 cm Induction Aluminized Carbon Steel Paella Pan


Valencia creates a rustic crust (Socarrat). This traditional Carbon Steel Paella pan has an Induction base which helps to transmit heat more easily over the entire base of the pan. It also has a depressed area in the middle where the oil can gather for the initial frying of the protein and is also great for the cooktop to table presentation.

Chef Gene’s Favorite Features:

  • Made of aluminized carbon steel that responds quickly to changes in heat and makes the pan extremely durable. Aluminized carbon steel pans are solidly built; protects against corrosion and rust.
  • Riveted secure red large metal handles facilitate carrying the pan for serving.
  • Fast conductive cooking; works well even on wood fire, ovens, charcoal grill top, paella gas burner and all heat sources including induction.

Use and Care:

  • Cook at average temperature
  • Always use nylon or wooden utensils
  • Avoid the excessive use of abrasive products when washing. Clean with mild dishwashing liquid & immediately dry then coat with oil.
  • Coat and pre-season with vegetable oil before and after use.
  • In case of rust spots, please clean with a scouring pad and dry immediately.

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