10 inch
Chef's Knife

The ultimate chef's knife for heavy tasks of cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing. Provides stability, weight and slicing length on all kitchen activities.

8 inch
Chef's Knife

Sleek, handy, and built for speed in multi-purpose tasks of cutting, slicing, chopping and mincing. Versatile and easy to carry.

8 inch
Slicing Knife

Streamlined blade built for slicing large fillets, roasts, and processed meats like ham. Excellent for pastry and cake production. Slices cakes and crusts with accuracy and ease.

8 inch
Serrated Knife

Best for cutting breads, especially soft buns. Slices cakes for layering and frosting with ease. Great for slicing very soft tomatoes. Needs no sharpening.

7 inch

Does heavy work of chopping meat and vegetables. Especially used for stir fry and vegetables. Cuts through the small bones and braising pieces with less force.

7 inch
Santoku Knife

Lightweight and scaled down with an Asian designed cutting edge. Built for fast cutting tasks. Minces, chops, and slices vegetables and boneless proteins. Handles easily with recessed kullens on the blade that reduces sticking during fast cutting or slicing tasks.

6 inch
Boning Knife

Streamlined and narrow firm blade that provides excellent ability to reach into bone and cartilage. Use it to slit and probe into narrow areas in order to debone or separate protein or tissue from bone. Essential for Butchery, Food processing, Catering and Kitchen production tasks. Great also for slicing processed meats and raw fish.

6 inch
Fillet Knife

Flexible and streamlined narrow blade that can debone, probe, deskin and separate protein tissue for fillets, roulades and escalope. Great also for slicing processed meats and raw fish.

3.5 inch
Paring Knife

Handy and versatile for small cutting jobs. Essential tool for processing vegetables and fruits such as deseeding, small cuts, peeling. Great for probing and processing small pieces of protein such as chicken wings, small fresh fish, small poultry and ribs. Excellent for food and pastry decoration such as garnishing and pastry shaping.

10 inch
Honing Steel

Gives safe, efficient and effective honing length for any knife width. Durable and heavy duty with long use and performance. Great for refining sharpness of all types of knives.

Kitchen Shears

Provides clean, even cuts and shreds for fresh herbs and vegetables. Cuts through small bones in chicken and fish. Great for putting together Canapes, Appetizers and Garnishes. Essential tool in baking tasks.

4", 6", 8", 10"
Knife Guard

Protects the knife's edge and will not scratch the blade.

Instructions: Place the heel of the blade into the knife guard at cutout. Gently rotate blade tip into guard. Reverse actions to remove.

Knife Holder

A practical article for holding knives, small scissors, and other metal households articles simply and securely.

Hand Washing

This hand wash system was developed to get rid of tough and embarrassing hand odors that remain after kitchen tasks and chores. Persistent odor causing compounds comes from strong herbs such as onions and garlic, spices and marinades or seafood and meat preparations.

8 inch
asian cleaver

Designed for speed and precision cuts on vegetables, deboned raw and cooked meats. Modern handle design adapts it to speed and sanitation standards. Minces, dices, chops, juliennes, etc. with speed and accurate sizing.

6 inch
heavy duty cleaver

Made of strong high grade metal and forged for tough jobs such as chopping, medium bone cutting and all jobs that require heavier butchery tasks.