The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is an organization strengthened by the collective efforts of individual volunteers, non-government organizations, and generous partners and sponsors.

In the Philippines, children face difficult challenges just to be able to go to school. Some children even have to swim to school with their school bags and uniforms getting wet in the process. And some of them don’t even have the option to swim as they live on remote areas or far-flung islands with no nearby school, or they are forced to work to help their families survive.

To make education more accessible to children, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation provide boats and build bridges so they can cross rivers. They build dormitories to give them safe shelters during school days and they build classrooms and entire schools to facilitate learning for more children.

To help parents and communities, they provide yellow boats that they can use for their livelihood, and they conduct eco-tourism programs so they can generate income for the sustenance of their children’s education.

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is responsive to the needs of the communities. A program that works for one might not work on other communities. They progressively develop programs that are well-suited on every community that they want to help.

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