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Universal Slotless Knife Block

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Put a knife in and pull with ease. Easier and more sanitary than woodblocks that breed bacteria with food debris. Can be cleaned and sanitized easily. Stylish round shape.


  • No slots so you can mix and match your knives
  • Fits knives with blades up to 8 inches long
  • Food-grade plastic flex rods won?t chip or dull your knife blades which keeps your knives sharper longer
  • Patented flex rods technology conforms to the shape of each knife and holds it in place
  • Flex rods are removable and dishwasher safe (no heat dry)
  • Conveniently store all your knives including your smaller steak knives


  • ?Hundreds of Flex rods conforms to the shape of each knife and holds it in place anywhere in the block, this allows it to hold the knife. Won?t chip or dull your knife blades.
  • Flex rods can be easily removed and cleaned, making this block more hygienic than other knife blocks with slits, which are difficult to clean.
  • *Not workable for Cleaver or knife without pointed-tip.
SKU: KP-RKB Category:

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