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Can retrieve poached items such as eggs, fish, or meat chunks from braising; used for cooking sauces or puree. Has a single hole to allow the liquid to pass through the spoon while holding the food. The big hole makes the mixing easy, and the shape is good for scraping the bottom of a round pan. The silicone-lined handle provides maximum grip and cool handling in hot temperature cooking; wooden heads provide natural and earth-friendly use. Won’t scrape or damage your cookware.


  • Natural wood makes it earth-friendly.
  • Compatible and prolongs the life of coated cooking surfaces such as Teflon, porcelain, marble, and other
  • nonstick cookware.
  • Suitable for all types of cookware.
  • Silicone grips give cool handling and slip resistance.


  • High-grade beech wood is strong and durable; hard and light-weight.
  • Tough and goes through a steaming process.
  • Has the ability to repel water for less bacterial action
  • Beechwood is resistant to rot especially when conditions are always wet and dry.


  • Safe for use with nonstick cookware
  • Clean immediately after use before food has time to dry on it.
  • Do wash the utensils in soapy water fairly quickly after use.
  • Rinse the spoons well under warm water.
  • Dry them with a towel and hang them (from a utensil hook) to finish drying.
  • Hand washes only.


L30 cm / 12”


SKU: KN-WS Category:

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