BEAGIVER is a social enterprise that inspires a culture of generosity by providing individuals and organizations opportunities to make  socially responsible impact in a meaningful way through its BAG (Be a giver) movement.

It started as a community activity among friends who wanted to give back in 2013, they enterprise developed and was incorporated as BEAGIVER VENTURES INC. in 2017. They focused first on selling bags with the Buy One Give One model where customers who buy a bag are able to give another bag of high quality to kids whose family could not afford to buy them one. Now, their customers can choose to directly purchase the number of ‘give bags’ that they want for their beneficiary school or community. They have  also diversified their product offerings to include clothing and other items that helps causes in the communities.

With their social impact at the core of what they do, their program has now expanded from giving of school bags with raincoats to providing economic benefits to partner communities through livelihood programs, clean water source in remote villages, school boats to carry school teachers to reach distant islands, solar lamps for off-grid communities and scholarship program for underprivileged but hardworking students.

Masflex & Kitchenpro are actively engaged in Culinary Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that focus on Culinary Scholarships, Culinary Education, & Livelihood Programs.  The funding for these projects is derived from a portion of the proceeds of the sales of KitchenPro & Masflex products.

Having the same goal of helping the less fortunate community in selected remote areas, we have been partnered with BEAGIVER throughout the years by donating culinary equipment to further improve and help selected less fortunate communities to strive more in their daily lives.


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