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7 inch Cleaver Knife

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Does heavy work of chopping meat and vegetables. Especially used for stir fry and vegetables. Cuts through the small bones and braising piece with less force. The blade must be broken in and sharpened after first use to get to the sturdy thickened edge. Expect minor nicks as you continue to use it.


  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Efficient mix of carbon & steel in the construction of the blade
  • Enhanced bolster for greater balance & control
  • Full tang stainless steel 1 piece of steel goes through the knife
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to the touch
  • Perfect for all the tough jobs in the kitchen


  • Hand wash the knives in hot soapy water with care and towel dry immediately after use
  • Do not put in a dishwasher


The FLAIR handle style utilizes an extremely ergonomic handle that contours to the of one’s hands. It also utilizes a new handle technologically with a horizontal tang without rivets that make it look very trendy and modern. This range is perfect for those that prefer a slightly lighter knife which is good for longer periods of chopping.


The POWER handle style utilizes an ergonomic triple riveted handle shell. It also has a heavier handle which ensures that the weight of the knife aids in the cutting process and does most of the work for you. This is perfect for short periods of cutting with “powerful” results.

SKU: KP-CV-FL, KP-CV-PO Categories: ,

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