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9 Inch / 22 cm Stainless Steel Food Tong

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Heat-safe and resistant, prevents scalding and burns, ensures good grip on food, and prevents hot food from sticking when picked up. This product can handle baking, deep frying, and other high-temperature tasks given it has Silicone Tips which are much more durable than Nylon. Designed with thicker steel, premium silicone, and a smoother locking action. these silicone tongs are built to last & made for high performance.


  • Ideal for serving small plates, appetizers, antipasti, cheese platters, cold cuts and more.
  • These handy silicone tongs are perfect for everyday needs and are great for entertaining.
  • Stiff silicone head for firm grip & control
  • Hygienic silicone molded directly on the steelheads ensuring no gaps or removable parts for bacteria to grow
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip silicone grips on the handle
  • Unique locking pull tabs that ensure a smoother more durable lock
  • Premium FDA Compliant food grade silicone tips are safe for use with nonstick cookware or the grill
  • Heat resistant up to 446?F / 230?C


  • To prolong Tong life and durability do not submerge or expose to prolonged boiling, steaming, or deep frying temperatures.
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