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Classique Dinner Set 21 Pieces – Royal Blossom

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  • 1 pc 325mm / 13? Oval Large Plate
  • 4 pcs 250mm / 10? Full Plate
  • 4 pcs 190mm / 7.5? Quarter Plate
  • 4 pcs 205mm / 8? Soup Plate
  • 4 pcs 110mm / 4.5 Small Bowl
  • 4 pcs 290ml / 10oz Large Coffee Mug Flaire

Features and Benefits

??Toughened Extra Strong


Unlike others, this exceptional dinnerware set boasts its premium quality with its extra strong and eco-friendly properties you can count on.


??Scratch and Chip Resistant


Made of premium quality opal glass, this dinnerware is bestowed with an excellent resistance against scratching and chipping off.


??Outstanding Whiteness


This dinnerware set comes with a milky white glaze ? a sophisticated design that stands out even on a crowded table.


??Bone-Ash Free


A vegan crockery, this dinnerware is specially made for individuals who promote and encourage the use of cruelty-free items.


??Impact and Thermal Shock


These first-class pieces of dinnerware are also perfect insulators for heating purposes in a microwave or in an oven.




Dishwasher-safe, cleaning up after use comes easier.




Acquiring a large set of highly-durable and elegant dinnerware at a very affordable price is surely a great deal you can?t afford to miss.

SKU: OO-21RB Category:

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