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Set of 6 Sovrana 11.5″/275mm Full Plate – Persian Gray

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✓ Toughened Extra Strong

Unlike others, this exceptional dinnerware set boasts its premium quality with its extra strong and eco-friendly properties you can count on.


✓ Scratch and Chip Resistant

Made of premium quality opal glass, this dinnerware is bestowed with an excellent resistance against scratching and chipping off.


✓ Outstanding Whiteness

This dinnerware set comes with a milky-white glaze – a sophisticated design that stands out even on a crowded table.


✓ Bone-Ash Free

A vegan crockery, this dinnerware is specially made for individuals who promote and encourage the use of cruelty-free items.


✓ Impact and Thermal Shock

These first-class pieces of dinnerware are also perfect insulators for heating purposes in a microwave or in an oven.


 ✓ Dishwasher-Safe

Dishwasher-safe, cleaning up after use comes easier.


✓ Consumer-Friendly

Acquiring a large set of highly-durable and elegant dinnerware at a very affordable price is surely a great deal you can’t afford to miss.

SKU: LO-SV-FP/PG Categories: ,

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