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8″ Chef’s Knife with Recessed Kullens

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The Kullens in this all-purpose blade create an airflow gap that minimizes the vacuum or blade sticking effect when cutting plain flat surfaces such as vegetable coins, sheets, and julienne; raw fish and meats. Faster, durable, and accurate, especially during continuous tasks of food preparation.

The NINJA combines the best features of a regular Chef’s Knife & a Santoku.


  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Efficient Mix of Carbon & Steel in the Blade Construction
  • Knife’s heavyweight does the work less force is needed to be applied
  • Enhanced Bolster for greater balance & control
  • Full Tang Stainless Steel – 1 piece of steel goes through the knife
  • E ergonomic & comfortable to the touch
  • Perfect for all tough jobs in the kitchen
  • Kullens on each side of the knife reduce drag & prevent items from sticking to the blade.


  • Hand wash the knives in hot soapy water with care and towel dry immediately after use
  • Do not put in a dishwasher
SKU: KP-CK Category:

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